Financial Foundations Seminar

Financial Foundations Seminar

February 24-26, 2018

This 10 hour seminar is different from other Christian finance seminars. The teaching does not feature merely “practical” information on finances, but follows Craig Hill’s anointed understanding of God’s Word in teaching finances from a Biblical and heart perspective (Matt. 6:21). The teaching and personal ministry opportunities will reveal root causes why you may not be prospering financially as you should. If your heart’s desire is to be able to have an abundance to pour into God’s Kingdom here on earth, this seminar experience is for you! TOPICS: God’s Provision, Wealth, Riches and Money, Biblical Uses of Money, Step Up to Your Debt, Closing the Circle, Sowing and Reaping.

Sunday Feb 24: 10:30am Service Neil Campbell will lay a foundational message for the seminar
Sunday Feb 24: 1:30-5:00pm Seminar
Monday & Tuesday Feb 25-26: 6:30-9:30pm each night Seminar

Location - Withrow Gospel Mission
Cost: $40/person or $75/married couple

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